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Depression & anxiety

If you’re feeling depressed, anxious, or just not like yourself, we can help.

Sleep trouble

Sleep, mood, depression—they’re all related. Get a personalized treatment plan to help you reset.

Burnout and job stress

Burnout and job-related stress are on the rise. When your colleagues don’t have your back, we’re here for you.

Major life events

Life can be tough. Get support through break-ups, loss of a loved one, job changes, moving cities, and more.

Feeling better is possible.

It’s true—Over 75% of Hims customers who checked in with their provider reported improvements in their mental health symptoms.*

How it works

Complete an online mental health assessment
Connect with a licensed mental health provider online
Get mental health medication delivered for free, if prescribed
Stay on top of your treatment with free ongoing check-ins
Manage refills online

Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what people are saying


“I got the help I needed, from the comfort of my couch...If you are struggling, Hims & Hers is the perfect place to begin your mental wellness journey.”


“Since my session I have still experienced some anxiety, but I feel like I am able to handle it and calm myself down now.”


“With Hims & Hers I paid 3x less for appointment & medication, with the certainty of a trustful and professional service.”


“Signing up for the session was easy, it was free, private and totally online. I couldn’t have gotten a better set up.”


“It’s tough during these times and I definitely felt like I had a team helping me out. I needed this and I know others will too.”


“During the pandemic, gaining access to a doctor was made more difficult and Hims & Hers was the solution I found to address my need for mental health care."

Who you’ll be working with

Licensed mental health providers you can trust

We're proud to offer access to experienced and respected mental health professionals. From psychiatrists and therapists, to nurse practitioners certified in mental health, you're in amazing hands.

Getting the right help should be simple,
so we made it that way

Online psychiatry visit through Hims & HersHims & Hers
In-person psychiatrist visitIn-person
No searching for a psychiatrist
No waiting rooms
No driving to the doctor’s office
A completely digital experience

Let’s get you on the right path

Before we get started, choose Hims or Hers.

Before we get started, choose Hims or Hers.